About Us

Readsboro Hometown Redevelopment, Inc. (RHR) is in the midst of refurbishing what some have called “a huge beautiful architectural center piece” of our village – the E. J. Bullock Building.  This is a challenging and formidable but not impossible project.  It’s time to repair and beautify the building exterior.  What a grand building this will be once again with a facelift!   For those of us involved with the process, we have come to the realization that every building is our precious connection to the past and the opportunity to build a brighter future. 


RHRC is working hard to breathe economic growth and a better quality of life into our hometown, Readsboro, once the economic jewel of the Deerfield Valley, seems a bit tarnished after decades of industry loss.  We are slowly coming to realize that Readsboro needs to become a part of the new market economy, not only to survive, but to shine once again.  We need as many people as possible to help us attain this goal; residents, past residents, and those many visitors who have fond reminiscences of our community. Above all we know we will succeed.


Readsboro Hometown Redevelopment, Inc. is committed to good community use of this Historic building and sees it as a catalyst for social, cultural, educational, and economic growth in our Town.  Every dollar we receive from you goes directly into the continuing restoration of the building and donations from community members like you are the backbone of this project.